Mental Health Day Celebration and AGM 2013-2014

Date & Time: 10 October 2014

Venue: The Robin Redmond Resource Centre Kayani Avenue,  London, N4 2HF

IMECE dedicated its AGM 2013-14 event to mark National Mental Health Day by promoting mental wellbeing of women by introducing various relaxation activities including laughter yoga and breathing exercises. Amy Appleby from Mental Wellbeing Champions and Headstrong Project, facilitated the relaxation activities.

The programme also included “Your Say” session where users in smaller groups discussed about their experiences of mental health, underlying issues which trigger mental health issues and their practical solutions to balance their emotional lives.  Before members resumed having AGM business, the users and the members also expressed what services, projects and activities would be useful to improve their mental health.

Semra O’Reilly chaired the AGM meeting during which chair report and director’s report of 2013-14 financial year were presented. (Link to the annual report click here to see the report) The reports included services provided, achievements, challenges and sectorial issues. The members reported that they wished IMECE to be more proactive on policy influencing especially be active in campaign against Welfare Cuts.

The event continued with lunch and networking before participants danced with traditional music.

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