PINHOLE Photography Exhibition by Young Refugees

1-3 October 2014 at Stoke Newington Library Exhibition Hall

IMECE Women’s Centre organised a 6-week workshop for children and young people aged between 5 and 18. The purpose of the exhibition was to enable children and young people to discover photography, be active and creative whilst supporting children and young people’s mental, emotional and social development.  This project also enabled participants to depart from the digital world.

Workshops consisted of several hands-on activities such as taking photos with the cameras created from shoeboxes and processing those photos in the dark room by themselves. Additionally, at the end of the programme an exhibition was held to exhibit both the handmade cameras and the photographs taken during the workshops.

27 children were presented Certificate of Achievement and also were given a frame with one of their own photographs produced. Visitors to the event were parents of the children who attended the course, local artists, Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot Turkish Community members, local and community media representatives, local residents and Baroness Meral Ece from House of Common whom made the reception opening speech. During the course of the exhibition over 200 people visited the gallery.

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