User Consultation

On 10 October 2014, National Mental Health Day, Imece has organized a User Consultation Event. The event was attended by 37 women.

The consultation was in two parts. In the first part users had a session on Relaxation and Laughter Therapy which was facilitated by Amy Appleby and it was well received by the participants.

The second part of the programme was the consultation where users in four small groups discussed about their experiences of mental health, underlying issues which trigger mental health issues and their practical solutions to balance their emotional wellbeing.  The groups were facilitated by our team members Senay Dur, Munevver Dogan, Ozlem Alpsen and Aygul Ozdemir.  During these sessions we have identified the issues that have negative effect on our users’ mental health and our users and members made recommendations regarding what services, projects and activities IMECE could provide to improve their mental wellbeing.

These recommendations include group sport activities, relaxation therapy and specific support sessions on mental health, tea time clubs, more social and leisure events and activities, art and drama workshops, Turkish & English writing and reading courses, cooking and baking workshops, basic IT, social media, internet courses, meetings regarding pension.

There was a clear indication from the users’ that their Mental Wellbeing was immensely affected by the Welfare Reforms in the recent years, conflict of generations with their children, being a migrant and issues in the home country and the services that has been cut which they previously accessed.

The event continued with lunch and networking before resumed having AGM business.

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