Training & Development

Training & Development

IMECE is currently running a range of training and development projects to statutory organisation, voluntary sector and community-based groups. These projects aim to identify and address specific issues affecting BAMER women survivors of Violence against Women and Girls VAWG, as well as delivering trainings on generic VAWG issues. Through these activities IMECE aims to increase awareness amongst both users and professionals by creating a space for exchange of experience, knowledge and good practice in order to achieve better protection for BAMER women.

IMECE also provides training programmes to meet specific training needs; our tailor-made programmes are delivered by our specialist trainers.

Training for Practitioners & Professionals

IMECE provides tailor-made training programmes for those organisations which would like to undertake training in-house for all or some of their staff members. Once the needs are communicated IMECE designs a training programme to suit the needs of the organisation.

Whilst the main focus is on BAMER women’s VAWG issues (including Forced Marriage, “Honour” Based Violence and Female Genital Circumcision) IMECE also provides generic VAWG trainings and awareness sessions for practitioners and professionals. These trainings aim to build the capacity of professionals who work with survivors of VAWG through provision of specialist knowledge on various forms of VAWG experienced by women from BAMER communities.

For more information on these training programmes and the cost please contact us on 0207 354 1359.