Violence Against Women
& Girls service

IMECE’s VAWG service addresses all forms of VAWG under one roof, with the most common forms of VAWG experienced by our service users including: financial and emotional abuse, stalking, harassment, rape and other sexual abuse, harmful practices (namely forced marriage, so-called ‘honour-based’ violence and FGM), as well as trafficking for sexual exploitation and prostitution.

We deliver woman-centred, holistic, linguistic and culturally sensitive support to Turkish, Kurdish, Cypriot Turkish and other Turkish speaking women as well as Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic and Refuge women with no recourse to public funds experiencing immigration, language, emotional and physical wellbeing barriers and with limited knowledge and experience of the UK cultural norms and criminal justice system.


What do we offer?

We work intensively with women through risk assessment, safety planning, practical and emotional support and empowerment, referral and presentation to MARAC and other crisis work.

IMECE’s VAWG service’s vision is to prevent violence by changing attitudes; providing support when violence does occur; to work with partners to deliver the best outcomes for survivors and to reduce the risk of repeat violence and ensure perpetrators are brought to justice.


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