BAMER Specialist IDVA – Haringey

Who can benefit from the project?

Funded by Haringey council, IMECE’s new BAMER specialist IDVA service in Haringey provides crisis intervention support to women experiencing all forms of VAWG and harmful practices at all risk levels.


This new and exciting service aims to provide specialist support with

  • accommodation/refuge
  • emotional support/counselling
  • welfare and benefits advice
  • language support
  • advice around appropriate action to take
  • risk assessment and safety planning
  • signposting to other services/professionals
  • no recourse to public funds, immigration, and legal matters.

The Haringey BAMER specialist IDVA service will work closely with statutory/voluntary services to ensure that BAMER survivors are able to access vital service provisions when fleeing VAWG as well as to ensure that BAMER survivors are provided vital advocacy support to address additional barriers to approaching and engaging with local key service providers.

Contact email:

Bamer specialist


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