Violence Against Women

IMECE provides support, advice and advocacy to women and girls experiencing and escaping all forms of Domestic Violence and Harmful Practices.

IMECE is an IAQS accredited specialist organisation in providing Harmful Practices Services. IMECE has a VAWG team which works across London to support women subject to DV and Harmful Practices. We are particularly specialised in Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence cases.

IMECE’s VAWG service provides one to one support in crises intervention and up to 4 weeks follow up work.

The support we provide with one to one work:

  • MARAC Referral for high risk cases
  • Referral and liaison with CSC
  • DDV Concession Application
  • Secure accommodation (Refuge, homelessness application, housing application on DV grounds)
  • Internal referrals to Advice team for advice and advocacy on general matters and counselling
  • External referral and sign-posting to IDVAs, Family Law Solicitors, and Mental Health support, etc


The following services are provided to women and girls experiencing domestic violence and harmful practices: