Celebrating our 40th year

Imece Women's Centre has continued to develop, grow and expand its services, maintain solidarity despite all kinds of social, economic and political challenges, legal restrictions, cuts of social aids and funds in the last 40 years. Imece’s history is full of great women and struggles, from founders to service users and continues to work tirelessly to ensure the services continue to support women and children.

We are going through one of the hardest times in recent history. Global Pandemic, economic and cost of living crises, increase in racism and discrimination, misogyny, unemployment, poverty, and wars, hit women and children, particularly of Black and Minoritised communities hardest.

But we are here! We are here to continue to fight for our rights, reclaim our voice and space. We carry the voices of our service users at every possible platform, with upholding our intersectional feminist principles. Every service user, every journey and every challenge make us stronger, more resilient and determined. We will continue to go from strength to strength until the last woman is liberated, VAWG ends, and we are no longer needed.

Senay Dur

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