About Us

Who we are

IMECE Women’s Centre stands against all forms of violence against women and girls. We support and empower Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot Turkish women and Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic And Refugee (BAMER) women to improve the quality of their lives. Established in 1982, IMECE Women’s Centre is a women-only space.

We believe BAMER women’s needs are multi-faceted and intersectional. We therefore adopt a holistic approach to service delivery where we aim to achieve the most positive impact possible by responding to women’s practical, social, emotional, intellectual, financial, and aspirational needs simultaneously.

Our vision

Our vision is a society where all BAMER women and girls are able to pursue their dreams and enjoy their lives free from all forms of violence, discrimination and prejudice.

Our mission

We are a specialist ‘by and for’ BAMER women’s organisation challenging women’s inequality. We deliver holistic services which support women to assert and enjoy their rights and achieve their aspirations. We work collaboratively with women themselves to design and deliver the services that meet their needs.

Our values

IMECE Women’s Centre is a feminist organisation with human rights at our core. Our values reflect our history and were developed in consultation with staff, service users, volunteers and trustees.

Our values

User-led and run by and for BAMER women

Intersectional in our approach: recognising impact of multiple discrimination upon BAMER women

Dynamic and responsive

Inclusive and committed to diversity and equality

Sisterhood and solidarity informs everything we do

Reflective: always questioning and always learning

Our Impact